Jun 29, 2010

July 2010 is the Month of the Newbie!

You were born to be a dancer, you just don't know it yet.  
You have rhythm like nobody's business, but nowhere to groove it.
YOU are a newbie, and we will show you the way.  

SwingColumbus hereby declares July 

Unleash the dancing fiend within you!

July is full of beginner-friendly classes, events, discounts, even FREE events!  

Do you need a partner?  NO!
Do you need one iota of an idea how to dance?  NO!!
Do you need special shoes and clothes?  NO!!!  
Do you have to wear sequins?  NO! But if you want to, that's your thing.  Respect.

$5 Lessons: Every Thursday 8-9pm we'll be teaching beginner swing dance lessons at Habeeba's near Grandview.  This month we're teaching 'drop-in' style so you can join in any Thursday, even if it's your first time.  We'll cover the basic foot pattern every week so newbies can drop in, but we'll also do different moves so you can come every week and learn something new.  Just $5 per week!  

Crash Course: Go from square to swinger in one night!  In two hours you'll know enough to impress the coolest hipster, or your grandma.  July 29, 7-9pm at Habeeba's, and just $15/$10 students.  Come to us and find your calling as a dance rock star.

Shrunken Head Tuesdays: starting July 6th, join us every Tuesday 8-11pm in Victorian Village for live bands playing bluesy, swingy, funky music!  Included with your cover is a half-hour beginner swing lesson.  They've got an awesome beer selection if you need a little courage to let your inner dance warrior run free.

FREE Swing Dance:  That's right, this month it's FREE, because everyone should get to try swing dancing.  July 17 bring all your friends downtown to the YWCA and impress them with the moves you picked up in the $5 lessons (see above!)  Meet even more friends in the lesson and then hang out with all the traveling dancers from exotic places like Dayton and Cincinnati.  Lesson is 8-9pm, dancing with DJs is 9-midnight.  And it's all FREEEEEE!  There will be some fun performances from Team SwingColumbus and a visiting dance group from Newark, Ohio.

DooDah Parade!!  So there's no lesson or anything, and no particular newbie theme, but you should walk the DooDah Parade with us!  We're going with the theme of Ohio Swing Voters in this come-one-come-all parade on July 4th in Victorian Village.  All you need is a white t-shirt, sturdy shoes, and a talent for writing zingy slogans.

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