Jun 4, 2010

Places to Swing Dance in Columbus, Ohio

SwingColumbus has a few regular events, but if you crave even more chances to swing dance, there are lots of options in Columbus.  There are more bands with regular gigs than there are dancers to enjoy them (we're working on that!)

Below are just some of the places you might find the right music and floor space to practice your triple steps and get your groove on.  (You should probably check websites or contact the venues or bands before you head out, just to be sure schedules haven't changed.)

Places that have actual dance events, where you can expect to see other dancers:

Bowties Lounge  inside the Ramada Plaza Hotel
Floor: wood
Food/drinks: yes
When: Mondays with Columbus Swing Dance Club (this is different from SwingColumbus), Tuesdays with the Buckeye Bop Club, Wednesdays with the Mid-Ohio Boogie Club

The Columbus Maennerchor
This is a German club that loves live music and is open to the public
Floor: linoleum (fine for dancing)
Food/drinks: good German beer, and you can order authentic German food from the restaurant downstairs to be brought to you upstairs in the bar area
When: the last Friday of every month you'll find the band Swing's the Thing, plus other events sporadically (check the calendar)

The 94th Aerosquadron
Floor: hardwood (great for dancing!)
This replica of an old French farmhouse that got caught up in some WWI or WWII action is the perfect place for a big band, and you'll find plenty of dancers and listeners there every Thursday night for the Rick Brunetto Big Band.  This is the most movie-like, vintage swing experience you can find in Columbus.  A fantastic wood floor sits right in front of the band and cafe tables provide seating to enjoy your quite cheap drinks from the bar.  If you eat dinner there they'll waive the $5 cover charge.  The socialness of the dancing varies- some weeks people are very partnered up, other times you can arrive alone and invite others to dance.  Ballroom studios often turn up with groups of their students, so you may have to fend off Foxtrotters circling around you.  Music is mostly swing with some latin or waltz thrown in the mix.  There is also a DJ on Friday evenings for a variety of ballroom styles.

The Elizabeth Blackwell Center at Riverside Hospital  -
Floor: gymnasium hardwood floor
Friday night lessons, or Saturday night dances with lessons (check the Buckeye Bop Club site and click on 'Dance Every Night' for more info)

Places you can make dancing happen (push some tables aside!):
The Thirsty Ear - recently renamed as The Woodlands  (Grandview Heights) - Floor:Cement
Vonn Jazz Lounge (Worthington/Crosswoods area at 270 and 23)  Floor: Cement?  (can't remember...)
  • Wednesday Nights host the Silky Ray Blues Quartet, which is a favorite band of our dancers!  $5 cover.
Rumba Cafe  (Clintonville/Campus)  Floor: Cement
Outdoor Concerts and Festivals!   See another post about June Swing Dance Opportunities!  and more will come soon as festivals publish their schedules.

If you know of other places that welcome dancers or at least don't mind them, let me know in the comments!
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