Oct 18, 2010

Rocktober 2010 Showcase Competition Results

The 'Any Swing Goes' Showcase competition was so much fun to watch!  We were so proud of all the dancers who worked so hard and put together some really fantastic routines, many for the first time.  You rocked our world!

The results:
1st - Mark & Ellen
2nd - Jon & Mandy
3rd - Mark & Shannon
4th - John & Kathryn
5th - Travis & Ali
6th - Chris & Liz
7th - Brian & Dani

And now the videos!

Mark and Ellen

update- Mark and Ellen's routine was blogged about recently on the topic of creating your own routine and the blogger notes places they'd changed/upgraded between ILHC in August and Rocktober in October.  It's an interesting read!

Jon and Mandy

Mark and Shannon

John and Kathryn

Travis and Ali,

Chris and Liz

Brian and Dani

Thanks to all the competitors!  We're already looking forward to next year at ROCKTOBER!

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