Oct 4, 2010

Our Resident Rockstar Instructors - Kevin and Jo

It goes without saying that Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg are two of THE BEST dancers and instructors out there today.  You rarely get a chance to catch them in the US, they're always shocking our pants off with amazing choreography and effortless aerials, and gosh darn it they're just great people.  We had SO much fun with them last year and the survey comments we received afterward could not have been glowier.  I think we re-booked them during dinner on Sunday night after the last workshop last year. 

Trust us, you want to come to Rocktober in Columbus, Ohio this October 15-17.  Just look at the photos from Rocktober 2009!

Just like last year, Kevin and Jo will be teaching Aerials 1 and 2 at Rocktober, and these are the only classes where you DO need a partner, because we won't rotate.  Aerials 1 is included as an elective in the Intermediate or Advanced workshop pass, and Aerials 2 is an add-on class.  They'll be doing different material than last year, and woah look at this!

They've got all kinds of great performances on YouTube, some of which is in my blog about them last year.  They've had a bang up year with all kinds of accolades and here's just a sampling:

2nd Place in the Classic at ILHC in August

They both made it to the finals of the Solo Charleston at ILHC (Kevin won 1st place!) and Kevin did this adorable hat trick routine for the Cabaret

Here's an awesome video of them with 4 other dancers who make up the Killer Dillers performing in May in Italy

Killer Diller Show at Swing Brother Swing, Bologna Italy, May 2010 from Killer Dillers on Vimeo.

So go!  Get registered for Rocktober 2010 if you haven't already!  It's gonna be AWESOME!
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