Jun 28, 2011

July is Month of the Newbie!

To help entice everyone to try swing dancing, we have an annual tradition of making July Month of the Newbie with lots of affordable opportunities to take a lesson and practice your skills.  Whether you're a complete newbie, or you've got some experience and want to expand into Charleston or Lindy Hop, this is a great month to go dancing!

Here's the schedule of upcoming awesome:

(and save the date for August 13, when we have Baby Soda from NYC playing LIVE for your dancing enjoyment!!)

Check the links for more info, but just to break it down:

Crash Course Thursdays
These are all completely from scratch, no prior experience needed, no partner needed, just strap on some comfortable shoes and we'll boogie!   Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm at Flex Fitness, $15 each ($5 off for members)
Lindy Hop, 6-count Swing, Partner Charleston, and The Shim Sham will all be taught.

Hot tip - Become a member and save!  It's only $25 per year to become a member of SwingColumbus, and you get discounts on workshops, classes, and the monthly dance.  You also get to vote on our board and are eligible for occasional special offers.  Say you wanted to take all 5 crash courses - you'll save $25 and the membership is already paid for.  Do it..... 

Swingin' Wednesdays
Every week at Nyoh's Buckeye Bar.  A 30 minute lesson is taught at 7:30pm and then we dance to DJs 8pm-11pm.  They have AWESOME happy hour specials for us and the food is great.  Only $3 cover!

Cocktails at the Commons - July 8th
We've got a free beer tasting, we've got a free 30 min beginner swing dance lesson, and we've got one of our favorite bands in the universe playing in Columbus' brand new lovely downtown park.  It's all free.  And if you chicken out and just sit and eat a hot dog and watch the rest of us dance, no one will be the wiser.

The SwingColumbus monthly dance is FREE in July! 
In celebration of Month of the Newbie we invite you to join us for a 1 hour lesson and 3 hours of DJs for FREE.  Our monthly dance has been going for about 8 years now and is a welcoming, low pressure environment to practice your moves and play around inventing new ones!
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