Sep 22, 2010

Our Rocktober Instructors - Jon and Caitlin

Jon Tigert and Caitlin Baird are teaching the Beginner Lindy Hop track at Rocktober.  They are two boisterous, bouncy, joyful people.  They are amazing dancers and lots of fun to be around.  As instructors they have a passion for introducing Lindy Hop to new dancers and will be bringing all that Lindy love to the beginner track at Rocktober 2010, coming up October 15-17 in Columbus, Ohio

Caitlin dances at Swing, IN 2010  (Photo credit Travis Hartman)

Here's the lowdown on what you get with the beginner track:
  • Three hours and 45 minutes of fun with Jon and Caitlin
  • Admission to the Saturday evening dance with a live band
  • Free muffins and coffee in the morning before the workshop
You're also getting the chance to dance with really fun, amazing dancers from all over the region!  The beginner track is shorter because we don't want to overwhelm you, but it's definitely enough to get you out on the floor at the Saturday night dance.  And with the awesome location of the Hyatt Regency, if you stick around on Sunday there is plenty to see within walking distance in some of the best parts of Columbus!  
    If this is your first time taking a Lindy Hop or swing dance workshop, you should also know:
    • You don't need one bit of experience - they'll start you from scratch
    • You don't need to bring a partner because you'll rotate every few minutes and meet lots of people
    • You don't need special clothes - just be comfortable and wear shoes that don't grip the floor and won't fall off easily.  
    (by the way, if you're completely new to swing dancing, you might like to read our FAQ page)

    Jon Tigert leads group choreography at Swing, IN 2010 (Photo credit Doug Sutton)
    So back to Jon and Caitlin....
    They've been winning some competitions lately!

    At the 2010 Hawkeye Swing Festival in Iowa City,  in the Any Swing Goes competition, Jon won 1st with his partner Mandy, and Caitlin won 3rd with her partner John Holmstrom (who will be in our Rocktober DJ competition!)

    And Jon and Caitlin are also on a team called the Hoosier Hot Shots, and they won 1st place in the TEAM competition at Hawkeye!

    Registration prices go up after Thursday, September 23, so better sign up quickly!
    The Hyatt Regency Hotel discount will also expire, so book your room!

    More about Jon and Caitlin on our website

    Got questions? Contact us!
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