Aug 24, 2010

Team SwingColumbus makes a great showing at ILHC in Washington, DC!

This past weekend, the SwingColumbus performance team competed against top teams from the US and Canada at the International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, D.C.!  The team placed eighth out of ten teams in the competition.  We were thrilled with the experience and proud to represent for Columbus and Ohio on the national/international scene!

Team SwingColumbus has been training hard this year to add more complicated footwork, faster tempos, and (for the first time!) aerials to our repertoire.  This required everyone to work on personal physical fitness and challenged Mark and Shannon as choreographers and team coaches.  Along the way, there were strained backs, broken toes, and lots of sore muscles, but we're proud of the product!  

Here's a video of the SwingColumbus performance:

 Special shoutouts to Becky, who performed with two broken toes, and Dan, who trained as an understudy and really rose to the challenge when we needed him to step in at the last second.  Wow!  Also, our other team members not in this video who supported the team by taking video, stepping in as understudies to help us rehearse through absences, and giving feedback/criticism and moral support!  We couldn't have done it without you!

Learn more about Team SwingColumbus, including how they can be a part of your next event!

Side note: I was hoping to post all the teams' videos here, but since Patrick Szmidt already did it, here's the winning team, Swinging Air Force from Montreal, QC Canada

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