Oct 29, 2009

Learn some new moves in November!

SwingColumbus presents Tuesday Swing School

The month of November will soon be upon us, and that means there's a new series of Tuesday Swing School about to start! Each month, SwingColumbus brings you new 4-week sessions on various swing dances - Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, or East Coast Swing!

This month, we'll be offering beginner's Charleston 101 as well as the next in our 200 Lindy Series, Lindy Hop 203. (You know, like college!) See also: Facebook Event Page

FloorSpace Studios (Clintonville)
3041 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43202

$45 per four week series ~ Register Today!
$5 off for SwingColumbus Members
(member discount will be refunded after purchase)

To register and purchase, check out the Google Checkout widget in the right column ---->
(If you're reading this via RSS, you'll need to visit swingcolumbus.blogspot.com to see it.)

Tuesday nights in November: November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 2009

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm - Lindy Hop 203
8:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Charleston 101
9:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Open Practice Time

November Instructors ~ Cal and Leslie

SwingColumbus strives to bring you classes are always fun and relaxed, and there is a class and dance style for everyone, no matter what your age, fitness level or dance experience. Even if you have two left feet, our first priority is to make sure you feel welcome, relaxed and are having fun....because that's what swing dancing is all about!

Beginner Charleston Lesson
The Charleston was born even before the music started swingin'. Charleston is immediately recognized by lots of kicking and really happy dance partners. When you dance the Charleston, you can't NOT smile - the dance and the music are so fun! For this class, some partner dance experience is helpful, but not required. For more info on the Charleston try this site, and here's a video to give you an idea what it looks like (naturally we won't get to ALL these moves in your first 4 weeks- we don't want your brains to ooze out your ears!):

Lindy Hop 203 (part of the 200 series)
This level is for those who feel confident with the basics of the Lindy Hop: swingouts, tuck turns, passes, plus good frame and connection with your partner. As always we will continue to work on our technique-- but this series we will be exploring some fun and unusual moves to add to the dance floor. We'll give you some new moves that will make you and your partner smile!

Open Practice Time
The instructors will dj some practice music so you can work on those moves you just learned and try out some new ones with partners from your class.


Each monthly series will be taught by a new set of instructors selected from amongst the top swing dancers in Central Ohio. Even if you take 3 series in a row you'll always get a fresh perspective on the fundamentals.

Our lessons are centrally located at the FloorSpace Arts Studio in Clintonville just south of Studio 35. FloorSpace recently opened it's doors to provide an affordable teaching, rehearsal and performance space to local artists and the community. We are very excited about our new relationship with FloorSpace and being a part of the resurgence on Indianola Ave.
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